a relationship tool: B.A.G.


Kie says:

We got off from the article "understanding the power of appreciation" saying that we should appreciate each other and the blessings we receive that day. This form of appreciation helps us recognize all the good things that has happened to us within the day and this also is a venue for us to talk to each other.

T says:

A powerful tool we mentioned in the article is the B.A.G. system. This means blessings, achievements and goals. This system was designed to focus on the positive things in the relationship. As the law of attraction states: "what you focus on expands." So if you want a positive, lasting relationship, we highly recommend the B.A.G. tool. Here's how it works:

We say:

Decide a time schedule when you should do it. It must be agreeable to both parties. We suggest you do it before you sleep.

Guide questions: 

- What has happened today that you should be thankful for? In terms of health, work, travel, family, life, relationships.
- Has your spouse done or said something today worth appreciating?
- Were there unexpected blessings? Like free lunch or free ride home.

- What goals yesterday did you achieve today?
- What were your mini achievements today? 

- What do you wish to accomplish tomorrow?
- What do you wish to accomplish in the next days or months?
- What goals do you have for the following areas: health, finance, social, career, personal, spiritual.

This tool has helped us become more positive and appreciative with each other. Though we can't help but experience a few negative things during the day, we don't let it dwell upon us and instead focus on ending the day positive and excited for the coming days. 

Try this tool for 30 days and be excited to see a miracle in your relationship. And please, drop us a message on how this tool worked for you too. *wink

TnK tip: if in your way to work/home you see a vehicular accident, don't say: "please don't let that happen to us." instead, "thank you for keeping us safe." Per law of attraction - you attract safety.

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