about teases and kisses

T says:

Seven years in a relationship and a few months in marriage, I'd say we had a tough and amazing journey. Looking back, we claim that we are not your ordinary couple. We don't have the usual violent, action-packed, non-stop-outpouring-of-words type of arguments. And I'd say it works pretty well in our relationship - The key: communication. We decided to share our experiences and relationship advices that worked for us and may also work for you.

Kie says:

We wanted an avenue to share what we learned from talks, retreats and real people's stories. We wanted a space to lay out our tools for fixing and keeping the love in the relationship. We are not saying we're better than any other or we're perfect. Nor does this mean that our tools can fix you as well as it did for us. But these are all tried-and-tested tools worth your try. Promise.

We say:
Teases and kisses (T says, Kie says) is where love is fun, exciting, sweet and caring. We hope to show how the minds of men and women differ, how both parties can dialogue, communicate and resolve relationship issues. This is basically a crackpot of relationship tips and tricks. Teases and kisses - a blog every couple should read.

Disclaimer: we don't claim to be experts in a relationship. This blog is based on our experiences and how amazing each day is because we both decided to make this relationship work!