a compilation of sweet nothings


Being in a relationship is truly hard work. To keep the love alive is a continuous effort. However, it doesn't have to be always grand and expensive. Here are few of our sweet nothings we love to do with each other. 

T says: 
- I love a hug from the back and love hugging my wife too, esp when she is cooking. 
- I love and appreciate her cooking skills
- I really appreciate random "iloveyou" moments.
- I love back massages
- It blows my mind when she appreciates what I do
- I love to hear encouragement and motivation from her
- After my speaking engagements, her feedback is what I await the most
- I love holding hands with her
- I love kissing her forehead or near it during the "peace be with you" part of the Mass
- I love going to church and hearing Mass with her
- Non-stop quality time over a cup of coffee (for me) and sundae (for her) are just the best
- Financial planning together
- Food trip
- and the list can go on and on.

Kie says:
- I love hugs. I love hugging and inhaling the most of him, from all directions: front, back or side
- I love tickling him and seeing him laugh - he is most vulnerable in this state
- I love getting random notes and cheer me ups in notes or in texts
- I love long walks with him
- I love listening and talking to him about his and my ideas and goals
- I love it when he supports my hobbies
- I love it when he offers to do or share with the household chores 
- I love "char-chars" - random sweet little notes or gifts
- I love forehead kisses
- I love trying out new food or going to a new place or adventure with him
- I love buying stuffs for him - those which he doesn't usually buy for himself
- I love serving him especially when he is sick or not feeling well
- I love our inside jokes and conversations only we understand
- I love it when he pushes me to do my best and do what I love
- I love it when he would insist that we talk about the argument personally than digitally
- I love a lot about what he does, what I do for him, and basically the whole of him

We say:
You see, when you always look for something to appreciate, the more you attract positive things in your relationship. It is as they say: What you focus on expands. Take time to enumerate and thank each other for the ways you felt loved every day. 
On a final note, let us quote this saying "Love begets love". The more you do things for your partner, the more he or she would want to do things for you too. If he does you wrong, continue to love him, if she does something you love, love her even more. Just love. You can never go wrong with loving truly.

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