how to speak love to your partner


speak love to your partner through love language

Kie says:

Every girl must have dreamt of having a knight sweep her off her feet, pull her up to his horse and carry her to his kingdom - oh, knight in shining armor, your princess eagerly awaits. You want to thank him for the rescue so you: (a) say "thank you", obviously and compliment him for having groomed his horse well; (b) hug him real tight, as tight as you could squeeze his cold armor; (c) give him a little thank-you gift, perhaps a tassel for his sword; (d) volunteer to brush his horse's tail; or (e) watch him eat and listen to his never-ending warrior stories. I wonder which he would like best. You could go all tops and give them all, but he would most likely get your message from only one of those. That my friend, is his love language. And that's how you are supposed to "speak" to him from this day on. So you could then live happily ever after.

T says:

Expressing love may differ from one person to another. Saying the 3 magic words may mean the whole world to a person but not to another. A hug or a gentle kiss on the forehead may put your partner into a happy mood but another may appreciate it if one receives a flower. Every person speaks a certain love language. Getting to know your partner better not only involves understanding his/her character, moods, behavior or attitude but also understanding how one receives your expression of "love." There are 5 known love languages that you can use to speak "love" to your partner: words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, gift-giving and quality time. Being able to understand and speak these love languages will help not only rescue your princess from a fire-breathing dragon but it also guarantees that your princess will be forever grateful to be rescued by you (and not by another knight.)

We say:
Love languages were introduced to us by Gary Chapman, in his book "The 5 Love Languages". He defined all these languages and how each one can be communicated. We are lucky to have been speaking the same love language all the while. So it was not very difficult to us to speak to each other. You and your partner can take the test (no cheating!) online here. It helped us understand ourselves and each other more.

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