how a classmate can be the best partner


looking for the best partner? classmate!
T says:

Do you remember your first girlfriend? I do, because she is my wife! Some of you may also be as lucky as my wife (though okay, I'm also lucky with her) but some may not. But the point I'm getting to is that, do you remember all the crazy things you do being so young in love?

Having a classmate as my partner, I get to increase my productivity (I got someone to copy chemistry assignments), conserve energy during writing down notes (no, I don't let her do it for me. She writes for herself and I photocopy because she has amazing handwriting), and keep myself inspired as I can't help myself staring at her (especially during exams). Kidding aside, I'll let my partner do the honors how amazing it is to have a classmate as a partner.

Kie says:

Having my partner as my classmate was a big advantage to me. We would study individually before the day of the exam and cram together on the day, reviewing and asking each other questions. I taught him mnemonics for memorization of concepts, while he taught me the calculation part. We were groupmates as well in thesis so it was not hard working. We make a great team in school stuffs. Looking back, it was quite fun, as we had the same subjects, same schedule, same stuffs to do - there was always something similar to talk about. That was how our foundation was built: we were classmates, we had friends around us who supported and those who do not.

We say:
It just feels amazing how much we have grown. Looking back it makes us smile but unknowingly, those days became the foundation that had made us strong in our relationship: the teamwork, communication, the inspiration and desire to graduate together. Now, we are not just classmates but lifetime partners, business partners and we both desire to graduate together in this class called Life.

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