how to make the relationship work


T says:
From the title itself, there is work to be done in making the relationship work. There are a lot of books and articles out there stating that men are this and that while women are that and this. And the typical advise is to settle and understand each other. However, in the real world, you got to meet half-way. 

Kie says:
Relationships do not always mean compromise. Although, yes, it may sometimes be that way, sometimes it is an i-win-today-and-you-win-tomorrow or it's a win-win situation. The thing is that you both agree on what you decide on. It is never that women are always right (we are most of the time, though, haha)

T says:
It has always been a struggle for me to be expressive as most men, if not all, do. But to have a great relationship, communication should be the foundation. I remember one wedding reception when the godfather gave advice to the newly wed couple:
"three secrets in a great relationship: communication, communication, communication." 
That's how important it is that it stuck to my subconscious. 

Kie says:
Communication does not come only in the form of words - most come in unspoken words and actions.  Truly, there is no other way to understand the other specie without communicating. I mean, how can you tell him you are interested if you can't even wink? Communication is very crucial especially in the earlier parts of he relationship (and marriage) since you've got a lot of adjusting to do.

We say:

To achieve anything in life, we need to work for it. To be physically healthy, we need to exercise and have proper diet. To be financially free, we need to save and invest. To be spiritually blessed, we need to nurture our faith and share the blessings to others. And to have a great relationship, communication should be the foundation. 
When there is communication, there is understanding. When there is understanding, there is acceptance and willingness to change. And when there is acceptance and willingness to change, there is an amazing relationship. 
The tools that we use: 
1. To communicate effectively - learn how to properly dialogue and handle arguments
2. Understanding each other - learn individual's temperament and love language
3. Acceptance and willingness to change - respond in respect to your partner's personality and love language. Fill each other's love tank.
4. Amazing relationship - monitor through evaluation and continue to appreciate the relationship and each other through B.A.G. - blessings, achievements and goals.

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