why do you love your spouse?


T says: 
I love my wife for what she does for me. I love the way she takes care of me when I'm sick, how she reminds me of important tasks and schedules, how she packs my bags for travel, or when she cooks me amazing meals or basically doing everything for me while I'm playing my guitar. That's what you call passive income. Hehe kidding aside, I love and appreciate all the little and BIG things she does for me. And that's why I love her.

Kie says: 
I love my husband for being himself. I love the way he effortlessly make me laugh, listens to my rants and raves without biases, appreciates what I do, and fills my love tank through quality time and words of affirmation. He supports my dreams and encourages me to go for it. 

T says: 
I love my wife "not just" for what she can do, but for who she is. I love her strong-willed attitude. She knows what she wants and gets what she wants (that's her asset and kinda a liability when we are talking about arguments. hehe but let's not deal with that today.) A woman with values and high respect for herself. I love how sweet, thoughtful and how caring she is. She's not just beautiful outside but amazingly beautiful too, inside. (what a package!) And that's why I love her.

Kie says: 
I love my husband for who he is. I am proud that he is a God-fearing man. He knows his dreams and passionately works for it. He is a visionary who can make a plan and work for long-term goals. He is honest and confident. He values family and relationships. He has respect for commitments and decisions. He is patient, sweet and thoughtful. He's a good-looking man and he's damn smart.

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T says: 
I love my wife "not just" for who she is but who we are when we are together. The things we do together, the goals and dreams we set and the growth we have because of this relationship. And that's why I love her.

Kie says:
I love my husband not just for who he is or what he does for me, but also because of our synergy. Together, we make a great team.

We say:
There are a lot of definitions about love. And so are a lot of reasons for loving someone. But for us, it is about GROWTH. Love is never one-sided. It should benefit both. It is symbiosis, not parasitism.
Remember: If we are not growing, then we are dying and in loving, there should be continuous growth. If you are in a relationship that does not make you grow, tell your spouse. Communicate. Fight for it. But when all else fails, get out of it. Even if you are already in a relationship for some time, your growth should not stop.

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