fun things to do to keep the relationship alive


kie says:

There will be times when the relationship seems stagnating, or dry, everything is the usual, nothing new. Your partner might be feeling the same too, and is also waiting for you to make your superhero(ine) moves. This is the time when you should be doing something. Be the ignition to keep the flame burning. He is sure to return the effort (hopefully).

t says:

To make the relationship work, there is work to done. After all the hunting and playing "hard-to-get" during courtship and in engagement, all the thrill and romantic excitement may fade after the sweet "yes." Relationship is just like maintaining a garden. No matter how beautiful it gets, you still have to take care of the garden. So is true with your relationships. 

we say:

you don't have to look so far for ideas, or go and empty out your bank accounts.

we have listed a few stuffs to keep the ball rolling.

1. travel! go out, get out. if plans and itineraries don't work, be spontaneous and adventurous. it doesn't have to be out of the country, you may actually explore the areas around you, maybe go to a park or a zoo. it doesn't have to be prim and proper, you just have to have fun!

2. write random post its and place in strategic areas - on the mirror, when he/she opens the laptop, inside a wallet or anywhere that will surprise your partner.

3. write love letters - doesn't have to be very formal. Be creative. Long love letters can be very sweet.

4. bring him/her something not the usual - a flower you picked up somewhere, a tissue from a restuarant with a love note on it, anything not the usual

5. go out on a date on a weekday

6. have a picnic or fly a kite

7. go stargazing in the rooftop

8. play a board or card game with a twist, like the loser gets a powder stripe in the face - this is really fun!

9. take a lot of selfies or record a video together - like dancing or singing together. 

10. open your memory box together. I'm pretty sure almost all of us have memory boxes that contain our previous love letters, gifts and all. It's really fun reliving the good feeling of being in love. 

and many more...
You see, love is meant to be fun and amazing. And to keep the relationship alive, keep the fire of love burning.

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