3 secrets to a great relationship


three secrets of a great relationship

kie says:

being in a relationship for 7 years does not qualify me to be a relationship guru nor a marriage counselor. It simply means that we did a lot of things that worked (for us, that is).

t says:

Who says your first can't be your last? Well, we have been successful in achieving that. And do you know what? There is a secret for a lasting relationship! It has been written in history, kept in scrolled manuscripts and buried in the ancient pyramids. We were just lucky to have found the secret. 

kie says:

there is never really a secret that is not known. it simply has be stated and reinstated over and over again. i believe it just didn't stick to your brain, or you didn't trust the author that it worked or you were just not ready for it.

t says:

okay, there is no secret. But as we all know, the best way to keep a secret is to write a book, or maybe now, write a blog. So it is not a secret. It just happens that the average person reads only one book per year! You see, to make the relationship work, there is really work to be done.

We say:

we came up with the three most important things. this works like a fire triangle. one cannot make a great relationship when alone - these three have to be present.

1. love
you can't get into a relationship, much more stay in a relationship without this. true, it may just be a mere emotion that fluctuates like the stock market but it is also a decision you make. 

love is so powerful that we don't have the exact words to define it. Loving a person is not because of what he/she can do to you, nor it is just because of who the person is (having your ideal partner) but it is who you both are when you are together. To grow the relationship stronger, there should be growth to both of you, else it is dying. 

2. communication
Talk, talk, talk and speak your partner's love language. you may be speaking a love language that your partner doesn't understand and you didn't know about it. Some couples may justify that the love has faded; maybe it did or it didn't. It just happens that their love tanks were never filled as the couple never spoke each other's love language.

3. time
Love bonds the couple together. And to communicate love effectively, one must speak the other's love language. But you can't communicate if you don't allocate time. Time is also a secret ingredient. Time not just involves spending time together but also, a time to look for gifts, a time to read books on relationship or even just a time to appreciate your partner. 

TnK tip: If you have noticed, we didn't include proximity. you don't have to be physically together to have a great relationship (hooray for LDR!). You just have to have the 3 and you are good to go.

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