love language: receiving gifts


Kie says: 

Do you remember, when you were still a kid, you would welcome mom or dad from work and take their bags, and scavenge for something they might have brought for you? Most of the time there was nothing for you. But you still look for it every time.

T says:

While we are watching our favorite anime: Ghost Fighter, I never forget that our dad would bring us jelly aces, popsicles or random "surprises" from work! and no matter how little those were, it feels really great!

Kie says: 

The language of gifts does not mean that the person is materialistic. it just means that the person sees the thought of the other person through items. He feels loved and thought-of when his partner gets things for him.

T says:

I never really understood the psychology of giving gifts. It was when I was dating my "now" wife, that I noticed: no matter how small the things I gave her, it makes her happy. Just recently we found out that her 2nd love language is gifts.

Kie says: 

I love it when my husband takes home little chocolates - it doesn't matter if he bought it himself or someone else gave it to him, it is thoughtful since he saved it for me instead of eating it himself. I love it when he buys me random stuffs - not expensive stuffs, I am actually someone you could easily please with little things.

T says:

And if you have a partner that speaks the love language of gifts and she is easily pleased, then that is heaven for men! Why? You wont go bankrupt! As they said: 

"Can a woman make a man a millionaire? Yes, If he is a billionaire!"

Little things count: a love letter, a little chocolate, a pen from hotels, pick a random flower along the way, a balloon, or anything as long as the thought is there. (T tip: include a small message why you gave it to her)

We say: 

If your partner speaks this language, do not go ahead splurge. This language only demands that you give gifts - no price tag attached. True, it would cost money than the language of words or service, but you should be willing to take home a few little items for him/her.
May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love. - L.O. Baird

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